"Vocal Coaching" can mean any number of things.
This page is an introduction to the types of coaching available from Melody Hallman Daniel in Greenville, SC and the surrounding area; long distance coaching is available through video conferencing.

1. Vocal work for the performer:
           Healthy use of the vocal instrument
           Techniques for strengthening the voice
           Connection of breath to text

2. Dialect Coaching:
           Consistency and accuracy of a regional dialect in a
                production situation
           Development of a dialect for an individual actor for use in a
                particular project or as a skill for future auditions

3. Accent Modification:
           Useful for individuals with strong regional or international
                accents who find that people of other backgrounds have a
                hard time understanding their speech.


Ms. Daniel also offers vocal and presentation skills coaching
for non-performers through her company,
Skillbuilder Communicaton Resources.




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